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Leonardo Royal Hotel
very good hotel. close to Alexanderplatz, nice Lob


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In comparison to other European capitals, one could say that Berlin, with its less than 900 years is a rather young city, but in fact its history is unique.

The earliest proof of settlements in today's Berlin central areas is dated from the 12th century; nevertheless the events occurred in the city along the past two centuries serves as a microcosm for the world's most defining moments in the present.

Berlin became the capital of the German Reich in 1871 and grown rapidly in the following years. The massive defeat of World War I as well as revolutionary riot incidents caused a deep crisis of the empire and its capital. Out of these incidents, the Weimar Republic was established in 1918. Despite the rough economical situation and further disorders, art and culture prospered during the twenties; innovative theatre productions, high-quality film premieres, colorful vaudevilles and an outstanding nightlife put Berlin in the major scene of the "Golden Twenties".

The election of the in Nazis 1933 indicated the beginning of the persecution of Jews, Communists, Oppositionals,  Homosexuals and many more.

In 1945, after the National Socialists terror and the end of World War II, Berlin was devastated. The allies divided the city in 4 parts: the East was controlled by the Russians, the Southwest by the United States, the West by Great Britain and the Northwest by France. With the "Berlin-Blockade" in 1948, the city symbolized the beginning of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and USA.

The establishment of the Berlin Wall on Aug 13, 1961 set the seal on the city's division and separated its western people from its eastern.

The city rejoiced on Nov 9, 1989 when the Berlin Wall was torn down. A year afterwards, with the reunification in 1990 Berlin became home of the Federal Government, which held its first full session in the renewed Reichstag on Apr 19, 1999. A lot has changed in Berlin since then. And Berlin won't stop changing.